RTT: Holy Productive Tuesday, Batman!


*The boots I ordered have shipped! I should hopefully have them tomorrow, and I am super pumped. I am crossing my fingers that they'll fit perfectly, or at least decently. I can't wait for tall boots and tights :-)

*My 10 year reunion is being planned, and one of the ideas being kicked around is a dinner cruise. It sounds like a great time in theory, but in reality, do I really want to be stuck on a boat with 200 people for 4 hours?

*I was incredibly productive today. Cooked for the week, cleaned the kitchen, straightened up my room, took my lit quiz (100%, thank you!), did my taxes, filed my FAFSA...I am loving Tuesdays this semester. I get so much done!

*I've taken to calling the bottom shelf of my big bookcase my 'nerd shelf' - it has my Harry Potter books, and the books about Harry Potter from a class I took - my Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit box set...My copy of 'The Princess Bride'...My 'Office Space Kit'...'America' by Jon Stewart. I'm a nerd. But I embrace it.

*I started ripping CDs onto my computer this weekend. I think I've done about 50 so far. Only about 600 more to go....

*Time to make some hot chocolate and then go to bed. Long day tomorrow - work and then class, and I have a quiz in Business Stats. Ugh.

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TennLady said...

Geez, you made me feel lazy.

gathering dust said...


My reward for being productive is that tonight after class I can go right to sleep. Yay!

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