For my fellow full-figured ladies!

If, like me, you don't have calves the size of toothpicks, you may find it difficult to find boots that will zip up. I LOVE tall boots with skirts and tights in the winter and can never wear them since apparently my calves are freakishly fat.

I may have found an answer.

I just ordered these boots from Woman Within. (Awful name, yea?) They have multiple widths AND wide calf boots.

They are on backorder until 1/22, but I figured I would share the wealth now, as they have a special - When you buy any two items on the website, get half off the MORE expensive item. (Promo Code: WWSHOP50)

My cute new boots in a 10W were $27.49.

I have NEVER paid that little for boots.

Most of the products have customer reviews, and I'm sure I'll be adding one. I found those helpful.

I just wanted to share the website and the promotion in case anyone is interested.

Once I get them, I'll let you know how they are!


Jess said...

I will pass this on to Larkin who has the same issue and also has a slight (HUGE) boot addiction.

TennLady said...

Even when I weighed 130 lbs I couldn't zip up the boots.

gathering dust said...

I have one pair that I can wear now, because they're lower, but they're a couple years old and they were super cheap target boots to begin with, so after a couple michigan winters? yea, totally falling apart.

i always had issues too cause my calves used to be so freaking muscular from soccer and gymnastics and roller blading all the time.

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