your mom goes to college....

ok, maybe not.

but i do!!!

or at least, i will be, starting in january.

i heard back from eastern today, and i have been accepted as a transfer student starting winter semester 2009!

i'm very excited, and very happy, but definitely nervous.

i think my life/work experiences the last few years have prepared me for this next step. i wasn't ready the first couple times around, but now i am.

i'm going for a business degree in marketing/advertising.

still have to figure out how i'm going to do this, while still working full time, and get financial aid set, but regardless...i'm going back to school!!

so, essentially, after january, don't expect to see me out and about too much. i'm going to be a busy busy girl!!


TennLady said...

Yay. We know you can do it, you are very bright and have all this life experience around you now.

gathering dust said...

thanks momma :-)

also helps that i have many many MANY great resources at work for any business class assignments i have :-)

sara said...

You'll be starting school again and I'll be finishing it off. FINALLY.

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