It's only forever, not long at all...

Yesterday, the world was spinning...or maybe it was just me.

Today, I fell out of bed because I couldn't focus on anything.

Went to the doctor, because I decided neither of those things was good...

Turns out I have Labyrinthitis (inner ear infection)

Is it bad that when the doctor told me that, I started quoting lines from the wonderful David Bowie movie?

Jareth: You remind me of the babe.
Goblin: What babe?
J: The babe with the power.
G: What power?
J: The power of voodoo.
G: Who do?
J: You do.
G: Do what?
J: Remind me of the babe.

What can I say? I'm a child of the 80s...


beth♥ said...

Wow! I would have *so* done the same thing. "It's so stimulating being your hat." My kids quote this one too. :o)

gathering dust said...

Haha! Nice! At least I know I'm not alone!

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