Alligator really DOES taste like chicken...

Well, another softball season over. We had our first playoff game tonight, and it was also our last.

How fair is it that a team that is 7-4-2 (Mud Dawgs!!) plays a team that is 14-0 in the first round?

I just don't get it.

I kicked some butt in batting practice before the game, I'm not going to lie. Too bad I apparently got it out of my system pre-game.

I made it on base once. I did a little dance to celebrate, much to the delight of the few spectators, and probably all my team members.

So, we lost. 15-9, or something like that. But we did come back in the 5th inning (maybe 6th...not sure) from 15-0, so I'm proud of us. Can't wait til next year!

Afterwards, we did our usual postmortem of beer (Captain and Diet for me, thank you very much) and gossip in the parking lot. This time, however, we had a few of our bigwigs from work (wonderful people, really -- I can't tell you how much I love my job and the people I work for) and after a couple drinks, Bigwig #1 says "I'm buying...who wants to go to Mr Joe's for burgers and beer?"
Naturally, most of us join in a chorus of "Hell yea!"

Mr. Joe's was packed, so we ended up at Fishbones, which is a pretty fancy place -- not my first choice of places to go when I am sweaty and stinky and disgusting from playing softball, but I will never complain about free cocktails and dinner.

I've never eaten at FB before...but on the appetizer list, I noticed a dish called "Alligator Voodoo". Naturally, this intrigued me quite a bit. I decided to order it.

Oh. My. Goodness.

Alligator = DELICIOUS.

Free alligator = Even better.

And so, on that very high note, I close out this season of Mud Dawgs softball with a little bit of sadness, but mostly pride that my team did well, and I improved IMMENSELY from last year.

With that, I am off to bed. Take care, friends!


TennLady said...

Chattahoochee BBQ in Algood, not far from here, serves "Lizard Tail" which is actually gator.

Sara said...




gathering dust said...

heck yea, alligator.

what can i say, i'm adventurous.

Middle Aged woman said...

Been to FishBones. Had the Alligator. Pretty yummy.

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