My day is about to improve significantly, assuming a 90% confidence interval

Oh, market research.

Let me preface this by saying that I love my job. I do. I rarely have actual complaints about it, just small things that drive me crazy. I make good money, especially for not having a degree, and my employers are fantastic people who honestly care about their employees. I get along well with my boss, and I know that I personally do an excellent job. I probably have it better than 95% of people when it comes to employment.

HOWEVER. If the next 11 minutes do not FLY by, I might go crazy. And that is not a long trip for me.

I have a ton of work to do, and normally I would have no problem staying late on a Friday to do it.But since I’ll be in here on Sunday, I figure I can leave on time, and meet up with some ex-coworkers for a dual retirement party at a bar in Waterford. That sounds like a much better way to spend my Friday night.

Some days more than others, making charts ceases to enthrall me.

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Lindsay said...

hoo-ray for making charts...

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