mamma mia...here i go again...

i have to admit, i really never had a desire to see this movie. last week a couple of my girls and i went to see it, and i confess...i loved it. i laughed, i cried, i recoiled in horror from pierce brosnan's 007 abs gone soft...

for those of you who don't know the story...well, i'm not getting into it. it's midnight and i probably should get some sleep at some point, as i need to be mostly functional at work tomorrow. i'll summarize with the fact that there are 3 middle aged women in it, played by meryl streep, christine baranski, and julie walters. suffice to say, my friends and i immediately each identified with one of those, and could easily picture ourselves in 20 years.

julie walters (mrs. weasley!!!) played rosie. a clumsy, hermitlike writer, fiercly loyal to her friends, with a crazy and sarcastic sense of humor.

sound like anyone you guys know?

i guess i'll go with that over the woman who doesn't know who her daughter's father is out of the three possibilities, or the woman who has been married three times and seems about ready to make another move with a man less than half her age....

but if you notice me disappearing into a shell for days on end, well....kindly pull me out of that.

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