RTT: The problem is estrogen....

♥ I can find a Grey's quote for just about any situation. Probably because I am over-dramatic and talk too much, just like the characters on that show.

♥ Can I just say, my new birth control is totally fucking with me? I am so ridiculously moody now I'm just waiting for someone to slap me and yell at me to get ahold of myself. Someone asked me how I was today, and I about started crying into my coffee mug. WTF?! I do not like this.

♥ I am taking a few days off before school starts again, and they cannot get here fast enough. I haven't really taken any time off, other than being sick, since last May. I need a real vacation sometime soon - planning on one for spring break next year, with my best friend. That's too far away.

♥ Funny how a year changes everything.....

♥ Completely unrelated, but my old classmate at Birdie Royale is entering the Mad Men Casting Call and you should totally vote for her. She is absolutely stunning and a wonderful person. Plus it's super easy - just click that link, and click 'Vote' - You don't need to register or anything.

♥ Seriously. Eff this birth control. I just started tearing up over a sort-of compliment. This is ridiculous. I mean, I know I'm a sap, but I'm out of control right now.

♥ If it could be Friday when I wake up tomorrow, that would be fantastic.

♥ I'm working on a new story idea and I like it so far. It's all in my head though, I haven't started writing. Which means I'll get through 20 pages and then burn out.

♥ I hit my head in the pool on Saturday. Then Sunday I hit it on the freezer door. And a couple hours ago? Definitely banged the crap out of it on my car. I fail.

♥ 635 days until I graduate. Not that I'm counting.

♥ Oh, and yea....you can like me, too. All the cool kids are doing it!

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unmitigated me said...

The bc pills could be messing with your inner ear, too, making you clumsy. Well, clumsier than you already would be through heredity.

kendrasue said...

Enjoy your days off! I wish I had a vacation coming up too! And good luck with your school year!

Sprite's Keeper said...

I must be cool! I ran over to Like you right away!

shopannies said...

birth controll pills have a way of messing with individuals like nothing else hope this gets better for you

gathering dust said...

Yea, I think it's always just my natural clumsiness, UM :-)

Thanks K! I am super excited for school to start so I can be crazy busy again :-)

SK - You are super cool. And I heart you :-)

Shop - Thanks. I think once I get through the first couple months I should get normal again :-)

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