My car hurts :-(

So, on my way home from work today, I got in an accident.

I'm okay, just shook up. My legs wouldn't work when I had to get out of the car. They were shaking so bad I thought I was going to pass out.

This puts a serious damper on my vacation to see the family next week....although if I win the lottery tonight, I will be buying a new car, and plane tickets. Actually, maybe I'll hire a chauffeur. That might be better.

I'll have better pictures tomorrow. In the daylight.

:-( I hate today.


Middle Aged Woman said...

go see your chiropractor, honey bun.

gathering dust said...

i don't have one of those.

Rick and Jillian Naltner said...
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Rick and Jillian Naltner said...

i hate accidents, they're scary! hope your ok, you can replace a car.

gathering dust said...

yea, i'm ok. and car should hopefully not be too bad. i meet with the claims guy tomorrow so we'll see. :-(

TennLady said...

So we are totally bummed on this end. We want to see you so bad. Just glad you weren't hurt.

Sara said...

I'm really, really glad you're alright. More than anything.

I love you, sisser.

gathering dust said...

T - Yea, me too :-(

S - Thanks. Love you too.

Rachel said...

I am glad you are ok. That stinks about the car though. Oh well, cars are easily replaced, people can never be replaced. Maybe the insurance claims people will be generous. I know that when someone ran my sister off the road a few months ago, they were pretty generous in what they offered to pay for her old clunker, and your car doesn't look old so hopefully things will work out!

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