Tonight I carved a pumpkin...

...with minimal help from my work BFF, and with minimal hindrance from a half bottle of wine.

here's how it turned out-

It's supposed to be Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

I did it freehand, and slightly tipsy, so if you didn't get that right away, no worries.


Heinous said...

That's awesome. I knew who it was even before I scrolled down. Nice work.

gathering dust said...

yay! thanks!
i apparently possess a secret talent!

or, maybe it was the riesling...i'm gonna go with that :-)

TennLady said...

I'm sorry about the make-up crack when you sent to my cell!

Middle Aged Woman said...

Hey, I got it, too! Nicely done. I admire someone who can be so deft with a knife while under the influence. Don't come over here.

Rachel said...

Hey I knew who it was right away! I love it! I think I would decorate my whole house in "Nightmare Before Christmas" all year long if I could find enough stuff to do it. Love that movie!

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