another rainy morning....

I just want to stay in bed all day...wrapped up in comfy blankets, curled up with a good book (or, let's face it, a good man) (ignore that, mom).
It's raining and gray and oh-so-dreary out. This is the kind of day that begs me to grab the warmest blanket in the world (thanks mom, for making it!), plop down on my sofa, and watch Casablanca for the thousandth time, escaping from my own life, just for a little while.

My mind has been working overtime lately.


Heinous said...

Great movie choice. I never tire of it either.

gathering dust said...

it never fails to make me cry. and fall in love with bogart again. le sigh.

TennLady said...

We had the first rain in almost a month which started last night and continued until this morning. I won't comment on your "good man" thing. Glad you like the blankie!

gathering dust said...

haha that's good :-)
and welcome - i love that blanket. i think it's one of the things i would try to save if the apartment was on fire. after danielle and brown bear.

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