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Since I spend so much time at work, and I'm sure will soon be blogging more about it, I figured I would give you all a tour of my cubicle...

All the necessities are within arms reach...chapstick, COFFEE, pain medication. Lots of hand sanitizer, I'm kind of OCD about it. Burt's Bees lotion (!) which is wonderful and everyone should buy. My calendar is hilarious - Dumb Dares for the Office. I've done more than one of them. Fiber One bar so the excessive amounts of coffee I drink don't tear any more holes in my stomach.

I love my Wonder Woman mug - it was a Christmas present several years ago, and until recently sat on my desk at home. I decided I would get more use out of it at work. Many multi-colored Sharpies and hi-liters. Ctrl-Z (that's Undo, for the uneducated in computer frustrations and screwups) stress ball which has seen better days. The Little Miss Chatterbox is a recent addition - was given to me today by the coworker who left (see previous blog). My red fan is super powerful for the size and a good white noise to block out office sounds. And of course, a Magic 8 Ball for when I have tough decisions.

I believe you have my stapler....Any office drone should own one. Lots of post-its - I'm obsessed with office supplies. Apparently, it's a family thing.
More Sharpies. You can sort of see on the right side my vase that's full of Lifesavers. The little green and purple round cases are Icebreaker Sours, which are amazing.

My computer really gives away my personality, I think - the elephant roars. My big sis gave him to me. The little origami flower was made by a good friend of mine years ago and has somehow managed to survive. Somewhere there's a purple monkey he made as well. Pink pony, of course. Pieces of flair (!) which are again, from my big sis. I love the flower - it plays 'You Are My Sunshine'. And of course, 'Smush Bush', my favorite stress ball. His head is about to fall off. I think 01-20-09 I might rip it off in joy. Not kidding. He was also a gift from big sister. Many fortunes taped to the top of my monitor - My favorite is the one on the far right, which says 'Your ability to find the silly in the serious will take you far.' I think it fits with my personality EXTREMELY well.

Horoscope taped to the side of the CPU is very fitting, although I can't remember what it says right now. Office Space Box of Flair. Yes, that is a cootie catcher on the left - filled with such fortunes as 'Watch out for falling trees' and 'Beware a woman with green eyes'. A string of raffle tickets, although I have absolutely no idea what they are from.

Pictures of some of my favorites! Always good to have on bad days at work. One of them is blocked and it's the best one - my fam and I at a relative's wedding last November.

Yes, I basically do have my own personal coffee shop. 7 kinds of tea, spiced cider, Crystal Light to-go. I had hot chocolate but I drank it all.
Yes, that is an Initech mug. Also from big sister. She gives me many fun things.

And finally, my locker. I have more magnets than probably everyone else in the office combined. It's ridiculous, but I love them. Also, do you love the My Little Pony poster? That was a thank you gift for a job well done from a project director. Goes well with my big box of crayons.

What's in your office?


Middle Aged Woman said...

25 smelly sixth graders. Who got married last November?

gathering dust said...

Amy on Dad's side - Jen and Don's oldest daughter

sara said...

I have no office. Well no work office. And my office in my apartment is mostly there because I have a second bedroom.

Heinous said...

You've inspired me to do a photo tour of my office. I'll let you know what mine looks like Monday-ish.

gathering dust said...

fantastic! i'll look for it :-)

Rachel said...

Cute cute office! I am a student, so I have no office. I want a bush stress doll. I think that I might be too tempted to give it to my dog as a chew toy though.

Iheartfashion said...

My kids have a "smush Bush" that's nearly decapitated too.

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