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Petition to Commute Sentence of Troy Davis

I have always been opposed to the death penalty, and this is one of the cases that may end up showing why. I don't believe it's a deterrent, I don't believe it helps a victim's family move on from what happened. I don't believe the government should sanction the taking of a human life, regardless of what that life was like.

Interesting reading - John Grisham 'The Innocent Man', his forray into nonfiction. It's an excellent book, and absolutely gripping. As a novel, it would be horrific to think about, and knowing that it's a true story makes it a thousand times worse.

I could go on for hours about my thoughts on capital punishment, but I'm on my lunch break so it'll have to hold for another time. Just wanted to get this story out there, and hopefully help to save an innocent life.

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