my first spin cycle: (non)rhyme time

so, i always see everyone else doing spin cycle, and finally decided to try it myself. this week it is poetry, so i am just typing and seeing what comes of it.

three small words break me
again, pieces in your hands.
yea, well, fuck you too
(how can i still miss you?)

i thought there was going to be more to this, but i guess not....maybe i will add tomorrow.


Middle Aged Woman said...

Don't hold back, honey. Tell us how you really feel. Nice first spin!

Sprite's Keeper said...

I completely agree with Middle Aged Woman. Wonderful first Spin! Please let me know if you add more, I'm going to try to come back throughout the week to check. So far, brilliant!
Welcome to the Spin Cycle and you're linked!

gathering dust said...

thanks auntie.

and glad you enjoyed, SK - will have more later today, after i finish my ethics homework :-)

Heinous said...

This is one that I'm ducking. I just don't do rhyme or poetry. It's not in my DNA... I looked.

Yours is good though although I'm hoping that the motivation behind it has faded.

gathering dust said...

thanks jim - i don't know that what is behind this has ever or will ever really fade...i could just be pessimistic about the situation though. or too doped up on cold medication to make sense of anything.

Shangrila said...

Your poem may not be long, but it does what I think all good poems must: conveys your experience and emotion to the reader. Any woman who's ever had her heart broken can relate to your post-very well written!

jen said...

love the emotion there.
it's perfect.
short ... but perfect nonetheless.

gathering dust said...

s - thanks! and so true...unfortunately...

j - thank you! i just happened to see the spin cycle topic at the perfect moment where i was sad and pissed off and lonely, and it apparently worked out.

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