A much needed break....

When this posts, I'll be floating down a river in a tube, drink in hand....possibly napping, but it's supposed to be chilly and it won't be that far into our trip yet.

I'm going camping this weekend - my first vacation since May. Of 2009.

I need it.

School is starting next week. Work just keeps getting busier. I haven't had a chance to just relax for more than a few hours at a time in god knows how long.

So in a few minutes, I am turning off my computer until I get home Monday. Once we get on the campground tomorrow, I will likely lose cell signal.

No outside contact for 72 hours. No work emails to check. No irritating ex-boyfriends sending friend requests on Facebook.

Just me, a tent, a river, some good tunes, good drinks, and 28 incredibly entertaining other people.

I can't wait.

But after you read this, while I am still floating down a river, please leave me comments or send me emails or something....because when I get back on Monday? I am going to need something to bring me back to reality.


Captain Dumbass said...

Have a nice trip.

TennLady said...

Thanks for leaving a contact number that showed up at 6:24 AM Saturday morning!

gathering dust said...

Oooh, sorry Momma. I sent that at 1.40pm on Friday!! Weird!

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