new season, new layout. will get tweaked when i'm not....at work. heh.
i'm alive still, by the way. you may have wondered.

only a few weeks left this semester....and then i start spring. and summer. goodness.

anyways, more soon, i promise. for real, this time. (ok, yea, you probably can sense my nose growing as i type this.....)

hope all is well!


IB said...

Love the new look. Nice to see your blog pop-up on the blog-roll. I thought you were gone for good. Looking forward to reading more.


gathering dust said...

thanks dude! and y'all can't get rid of me that easily....just don't have time anymore with school and work. i keep getting ideas for posts during the middle of homework, and tell myself i'll post later, and then i fall asleep. i'm probably the lamest person on earth lately, to be honest.

beth♥ said...

OI! There you are! When all the blue popped up I thought, "WTF??Whose page am I on?" Shock subsided. Good to see you are alive, luv!

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