wait...i used to have a life, right?

I'm alive, people. I know some of you are concerned.

Work+school makes Andrea a dull girl.

I promise - either after I get home from a movie tonight, or tomorrow after class, I will have some entertaining thoughts for you.

Perhaps a story of the corrupt Mr. Cartwright, who was working for an even more corrupt cop, trying to kill me.

Or shall I tell you a tale of a stumble I took on campus today, leading me to somersault into an onlooker or two?

Maybe something about a secret valentine.....

So many stories, so little energy...have I piqued your interest?

Tell me what you want to hear, and I will do my best to comply in a timely fashion!

Miss you, my blogging loves. Will be back soon, and that's a promise.

PS - Not having a life is paying off so far....I have either A- or A in all four of my classes (including the 76 out of 75 I got on my speech test tonight)!


TennLady said...

I'm your mom, I want to hear most of it? Who is Cartwright?

IB said...

Hey! Glad you are still with us!

gathering dust said...

Patience, mother. Patience.
But, you know, don't worry, because there really wasn't a corrupt cop trying to kill me.

And thanks IB! I'm still here....barely hanging on by a thread lately, but I'm managing to not completely lose it. We'll see how long that lasts with this schedule :-)

Kylie w Warszawie said...

I'm with your mom. Who is this Cartwright character?

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